Spec Agreements

The standard agreement does not contain formulations that a website owned by the artist transfers to the production company. It`s a good idea to register your website before starting negotiations and resist the impression of allowing the production company to adopt the website and URL. They will inevitably try, which will almost as inevitably lead them to want to sell artists` objects, thus violating artists` rights to merchandising – this must be resisted. If it is necessary to recognize this, it is important to ensure that ownership of the site and URL returns to the artist upon termination. Always maintain all the label contacts you make on the road during the tour. If there are some record companies that seem to be a good fit, try to book performances with artists already under contract with this label. This is a great way to make strong contacts, especially with smaller independent labels. Independent labels often rely heavily on their own bands and artists to act as informal A&R recruiters. (c) Participation in Studio Masters` turnover. The studio may receive a percentage of the artist`s net income from the sale of the masters until the studio recovers a previously agreed amount. Thereafter, the studio may continue to receive a reduced percentage until the studio receives a certain amount of profits on the initial budget or for an indefinite period. Legal and commercial advice should be sought and used with regard to the specific circumstances of the relevant case, and nothing that appears on this website should replace obtaining specific legal and/or commercial advice by a competent professional.

The territory of this agreement is «the world and its solar system». Although it is often possible to restrict the territory of hosting contracts, this is generally not the case for production contracts, since the production company will again say that it is free to offer these rights to a third record company. (a) «Spec» agreements are speculative agreements. The concept of the agreement is that someone offers a product or service for less than they normally would. In other words, they invest time in the hope of a return on investment. 2. Studio Spec Deals Studio Spec Deals are very similar to Spec Deals (PSD) producers, except for a few important differences. «Artists and Repertoire» (A&R) Record company representatives sometimes come to bands and offer them demo deals….